If we all list the reasons why wood is the ideal material that should be used for furniture, then we will end up coming up with a detailed and never-ending list. However, here are a few main ways how furniture scheme can take advantage of integrating a wooden touch done by Oahu CNC. 



Unlike several other materials, wood appears great in almost any setting. Any piece of wooden furniture could be a part of any scheme of design, be it rustic or modern. Plus, various species will tastefully blend together within one house or room.  


The wood’s wide range of tones and colors means that you can go for different variety of looks and styles. And this isn’t to mention the slight but apparent differences between the textures and grains of various cuts and species.  

More than the real material, there’s way more available variety that each furniture maker—especially if you’re purchasing from an individual craftsman—gives a various slant on design based on what kind of furniture is being made, along with personal tastes of both the owner and the manufacturer. There’s a bit of uniformity in terms of wooden furniture, and particularly scope to be creative design-wise to guarantee to get a unique piece.  


If the wood is responsibly certified and sourced, wood shows a great sustainability option. Hence, it’s an ecologically nice means of furnishing a house. Wood that’s sourced responsibly is actually the sole renewable building material available since the harvested trees for their wood can be refilled by new development. Apart from that, the carbon footprint that ensues from the processing and production of wood products is severely lower compared to other building materials. And with approximately 50% of the wood’s dry weight being carbon, they can help store carbon, which is important in fighting against climate change.  

Feel and look 

Wood can add a particular charm and dignity to any room, regardless if it has rich darker hues and lighter-colored wood. And if done by a capable artisan, there’s endless potential for design modernization to come up with a more appealing pull to any furniture piece. Moreover, wooden furniture can go a long way to making a feel of natural indoor woods. Apart from that, wood can offer warmth to otherwise barren environments immediately.  

Durability and strength 

Of course, wood is a durable and long-lasting material and is the best material selection for anyone who seeks to have a long-lasting set of furniture. It doesn’t matter if you opt for softwood or hardwood, a well-made wooden desk or chair is innately reliable and stable.  

This durability guarantees that wooden furniture provides great money value especially if you plan to sell a furniture piece that’s well taken cared of, solidly made. If you maintain it well, you can also preserve its selling value.  

Moreover, durability can guarantee easy maintenance. Oiling, polishing and waxing just have to be done from time to time. Thankfully, it’s a procedure that’s not so demanding.